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Make money with JioMart or save money with JioMart

What a perfect timing for the Reliance online grocery venture JioMart. Reliance JioMart has gone live across 200 cities and towns. People have started comparing it with the Amazon and Flipkart. My expectation is that very soon online space will be filled with the catchy captions like How to make money with Reliance JioMart, Top ten items to sell in JioMart, How to join JioMart affiliate program, How to start selling with JioMart, JioMart commission, How to become JioMart distributor etc.

Many websites will even include JioMart in their website URL to give the impression that they are providing official communication.People should follow the official website or official communication for the update rather receiving information for other source. Click here the official site of JioMart. Best way is to contact directly to JioMart for any inquiry related to becoming distributor.

Since the business model of JioMart is going to be game changer. People will try to make money out of it. Currently I could not find any electronic items in JioMart, most of the items are grocery items. Sooner or later electronic products will also be added and then it will become the real price war. I hope by that time Reliance JioMart will also come with affiliate program.

Currently different categories are:

Since there are already other players in the market, it is going to be discount war. You can very well compare the price with other players.

How to create JioMart Account:

Creating JioMart account is very easy. You need to provide the phone number and then in next page few details.

In Summary: People should look for opportunity to get associated with Reliance JioMart but should not get trapped with the claims by false website.

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